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Indeed, several Bollywood films have had to face similar problems, the most recent being the alleged trouble over the name of Shashank Khaitanrsquo;s directorial, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. But since the court has ruled for the name to be changed therersquo;s nothing much anyone can do but change the name.According to the actor, the lsquo;dot comrsquo; part of the title was relevant, since the two lead characters, played by him and Taapsee Pannu, create a website. The morale was of course down for a while. According to latest reports, Shoojit has given into the demands of the portal following a high court battle.

He is now sitting with a team and will be making the necessary changes for the next two days,rdquo; he says.com, when the latter demanded a change in the filmrsquo;s name, which they believed to be a copyright infringement. ldquo;With Total Siyappa, the problem had been that a publication had a copyright over the name Aman Ki Asha.com met with trouble this week.After controversy surrounding Jolly LLBrsquo;s name, where an advocate approached Bombay high court to get lsquo;LLBrsquo; dropped from the title, Shoojit Sircarrsquo;s latest production Runningshaadi. Therersquo;s more to the film than just a lsquo;dot comrsquo; and I believe that the audience will love the film, regardless. While legal issues like what Running Shaadi is facing canrsquo;t be helped, I really think that battles over names like Padmavati or earlier Udta Punjab, which had also come under fire for its references to the state, can be avoided,rdquo; the director added.

To have to change it all of a sudden gives rise to a whole slew of problems. ldquo;I have no idea what happened, or how this suddenly came to pass. The film ran into turbulent weather with the matrimonial website Shaadi. But Irsquo;m just trying to stay positive in the face of it all. I have, so far, no knowledge of anyone having any problem with the name and I truly hope that I donrsquo;t have to change the name of my film,rdquo; he exclaimed.A highly disconcerted Amit sighed that there was no point to making films in India at all, if someone keeps having an issue about some aspect or the other. I just feel for my director, who worked tirelessly for two months on the post-production prints and other work.

Even as reports of certain religious factions having a problem with the use of Badrinath, a place of pilgrimage, in the context of a light-hearted rom-com film, the director denied the fact, adding that the name of the film would remain the same. An audiencersquo;s first idea of a film depends on the name of the film, so itrsquo;s terribly unfortunate that such a change needs to be made last minute. ldquo;The fact that this whole rigmarole is happening so late smells of opportunism on the web portalrsquo;s part. ldquo;It is a humorous take on the fact that even in this day and age, you need to run metalized Polyester film away and get married. It puts tremendous pressure on the producers,rdquo; laments the filmmaker.Director Karan Anshuman also added that it is highly suspicious that the website is expressing their dissent so late in the day, since the moviersquo;s name had been public knowledge for a long time.Director Eeshwar Nivas, whose film Aman Ki Asha had to be renamed Total Siyappa in 2014, sympathises with the plight of the Running Shaadi team.

A lot of thought goes into giving any film the right name and to change a name, would be a huge problem. Amit Sadh, who is playing the male lead in the film, on his part, confirmed that the film is now set to be called Running Shaadi. Originally, we were supposed to work it out with them, but at the last moment, it did not work out as we had thought and the name had to be changed,rdquo; he recalls. ldquo;The name of a film is its identifying characteristicJolly LLB 2 posterThis is not the first time that Shoojit has gotten into trouble over a name, with his 2010 film Madras Cafe, also having faced trouble. ldquo;The name of a film is a brand.He adds that he is usually very picky with titles himself, but that some creative freedom should be allowed to filmmakers when it comes to the names of films as well as other aspects. Itrsquo;s just a lot of harassment for my director, and I truly feel for him,rdquo; he added. It was originally supposed to be named lsquo;Jaffnarsquo;, but the title was deemed to be offensive to the people of Sri Lanka

It was tough but rewarding, just like the mountains, where one place will give you the pleasure of its landscape while another can be difficult and ruthless,rdquo; he says emphatically. ldquo;When we were camping up the mountain while shooting this film, the nearest village with electricity and basic supplies were a two-day walk away. They have a lot of stories of people going missing followed by something miraculous happening to them. It makes its world premiere at the 20th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival this week under the competitive India Gold category and will perhaps be the first time a Gaddi film has ever made it to the festival.The film is ethnographic by all accounts, mainly because itrsquo;s shot entirely in the Gaddi dialect spoken by the shepherd community of Himachal Pradesh, but mostly because the locals make up for most of the cast and crew of this independent film. We would consciously not shoot for mere beauty because thats not what the mountains are for me,rdquo; explains Ridham.Debutant director Ridham Janve categorizes his film as an ldquo;ethnographic sci-firdquo; offering, finding it difficult to place it in any other genre.

Ridhamrsquo;s film captures the mysticism and magic of the mountains with the aid of the myths and beliefs of the Gaddi tribesmen, all from an insiders point of view, ldquo;Itrsquo;s not a film about gaddis but with them and based on their customs and beliefs and their relationship with the mountains. Before I told him about the film and our plans he asked me - what are you here for? I have been waiting for you, we have to do this!rdquo; he exclaims. ldquo;Sometimes we would just walk around in the mountains for days and days with nothing in hand and sometimes, we would question ourselves. So my Gaddi friends tried to convince me to just skip meeting him and go back and think of something else.rdquo;But intuition played its part and Ridham was unwilling to relent. This is precisely also why the film is slow-paced, like the movement of an amorphous cloud over a mountain.The protagonist met the filmmakers in July or August of 2015, ldquo;In March of the same year, 51 of his sheep died in a lightning strike and the rock which he was lying on split into two halves, but he was left without a scratch,rdquo; explains Ridham adding, ldquo;There was no way he could survive that kind of lighting but he always wondered why he is still around. ldquo;The pace of the film is actually slow, but slow is really fast sometimes,rdquo; concludes Ridham.

When I told him the story, he said - this is why I was left alive. ldquo;We spent a lot of time with Gaddi people and were becoming familiar with their stories and that was when the idea took shape. But we knew it was under control after meeting the shephard (Bhedpal Arjun Pant), the protagonist in the film. ldquo;Those things really fascinated me as much as the mountain landscapes fascinated me,rdquo; he says. It was in some of those stories that Ridham found a lot of sci-fi tropes that drew his attention to them. My protagonist was staying two mountains away from where we were based. They obviously associate them with the mountain, as if its a live entity,rdquo; he narrates. It was just the three of us and we hadnrsquo;t seen any civilization for days. Their life is all about the mountain and it revolves around it,rdquo; says the director who has spent months with the Gaddi tribe to understand their unique culture, even much before the film took shape. Suddenly we spotted a small dog and realized there would be someone there. Not only were their resources hyper-local, the unforgiving conditions and tight production budget posed more challenges.

His 96-minute-feature is permeated with folklores from the pastoral Gaddi community in Himachal Pradesh that quite often steer into the metaphysical realm.Set in the backdrop of the Kangra and Chamba districts, the story unfolds itself when an old Gaddi shepherd sets out to find a pilot who crashed near the mountain range and embarks on a life-changing journey. In fact, his meeting with the shepherd was almost prophetic, ldquo;So I finally met him at a completely unexpected place in the mountains. One pasture is a dayrsquo;s trek away from the other.While the script took Ridham only a few days to write as, ldquo;it was more of a treatment note for himselfrdquo;, finding the locations and his protagonist took more time.rdquo;Arjunrsquo;s meeting with the filmmaker was miraculous, as if the mountains conspired to make the two meet.

When this story eventually came along, it couldnrsquo;t be fit into a conventional mould And once he was there, we knew he was our guy.rdquo;The film is far from being an idyllic postcard of Himachal Pradesh and it was a conscious effort to keep it that way, ldquo;We were basically trying to recreate that experience of someone who can feel the beauty as well as the ruthlessness of the mountains. It took a long time for Arjun to reach us too. wholesale BOPP film ldquo;When we were looking for shepherds we had to go really high up into these pastures.The story came along, when Ridham and his writer friend Akshay Singh, were on one of their treks around those ranges

The breadth of stories with its local settings and complex characters is incredible and we canrsquo;t wait for people to discover and fall in love with them. And given how easy it is to switch between Tv-shows and films on Netflix, the competition gets tougher and the audiences are far more critical. His idea was to create an interactive film where the viewer controls the outcome of the story by making crucial decisions for the lead characters. From single screen to multiplex, television to a laptop and even mobile phones today, cinema travels to multiple screens. Last month, the streaming giant has taken its first major step in offering an entirely new experience to its more than 135 million worldwide subscribers with an interactive episode titled Bandersnatch. So, if you have to lose an audience, you lose them either way. Leena is well aware of the pulse of digital India and wants to hold her ground in the face of its tectonic shifts and movements. Web-streaming platforms are exposing the audiences to genre-defying content at a speed that commercial cinema may find hard to keep up with.

A quick dipstick of urban Indiarsquo;s viewing choices, or even a cursory glance at the screen of the person sitting next to you in the train, bus or Uber pool, will reveal that video streaming has replaced the infinity scrolling on Facebook and Instagram on their daily commute. The evolution of cinema revolves around its digital innovations - all in a bid to reach a wider audience. We can stream on our devices, wherever and whenever we want.It is true that digitalisation surpasses all boundaries of time and space and is the preferred option of the gen-next. Not to be left behind, Amazon prime has planned 20 Originals from India spread over 20-2019.rdquo; But the convenience of the digital space can prove as much a disadvantage to filmmakers, as it is an advantage to the audiences. There is something about community viewing that is very compelling. Also, for the simple reason that it has such a wide reach and as a filmmaker what else do you want?rdquo; she asks. It not only provided the audiences shock value but also exposed them to content they would never have imagined playing out on the big screen. So irrespective of whatever is happening that cinematic experience will never fade away.

But none of this inhibits Leena.Radhika Apte in the horror web-series Ghoul based on the Arab folklore monsterContent is KingWhile most OTT platforms entered the market with catch-up shows, it was Netflix and Amazon Prime that blazed the trail with original content. Yes, it is a little more challenging because you can just pause it and switch between shows, but then again thatrsquo;s the test your film stands. She not only gets a much longer run time but also a wider audience. Buoyed by the roaring success of its first Indian original Sacred Games, Netflix has now also announced nine new originals from India, with a major focus on the vernacular audience. This line-up cuts across genres from horror to fantasy and in locations from Leh to Mumbai." Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor whorsquo;s Kedarnath released last month believes that nothing can dimhe lure of a cinematic experience, ldquo;because cinema is a different experience and digital is something you see at the house. So, I thought as a filmmaker, I should probably take that step and accept technology. She says, ldquo;If you have to lose an audience you can lose them in the theatre too. It breaks all class barriers, you donrsquo;t bother to think about who is sitting next to you. Even though the film uses food as a metaphor in its title, releasing the film on Netflix draws parallels to the theme. Young Indians seem to have pulled the plug on their television sets, even though the umbilical cord of cable TV and DTH have not been severed yet in most urban homes.

While the younger generation has chosen its loyalties with web streaming platforms, metalized BOPP film for sale these companies are now looking at investing in native content to lure non-users.rdquo;Saif Ali Khan as police officer Sartaj Singh in the Netflix originals Sacred GamesLast year, Leena Yadavrsquo;s Rajma Chawal was among the four originals Netflix released in India. Netflixrsquo;s upcoming list of films includes Bulbul produced by Anushka Sharma, Cobalt Blue (based on a popular Marathi novel), 15th August (Marathi film produced by Madhuri Dixit), Music Teacher, Hotel Mumbai (starring BAFTA-winning actor Dev Patel), and another Marathi film produced by Priyanka Chopra, among others. People walk out; people go off to the bathroom there too. If yoursquo;ve noticed through the years, peoples taste got a lot more refined. Going to the theatre and watching it with 200 - 300 people and they all are experiencing the same thing, you enjoy that experience. With this move, the online streaming giant is looking to disrupt the way we watch shows. Amazonrsquo;s hit shows such as The Man in The High Castle, Grand Tour and Goliath and popular Netflix series such as Narcos, House of Cards and Stranger Things have created a new viewing culture in India. She says, ldquo;My film deals with two generations (father and son) and accepting technology as a mode of communication is the major part of my theme in the film. Not every film is for everybody, which is fine because it has to find its audience and the audience has to find the film,rdquo; says Leena.rdquo;

Watching a film in complete darkness on the big screen is unparalleled. ldquo;Earlier, we had very limited content and thought that is what defines entertainment.It is worthwhile to note that over the years, watching a show or film is no longer restricted to only theatres or living rooms. Thereafter people through television, through different channels started seeing a lot more content.Leena YadavActress Richa Chadha who debuted in Gangs of Wasseypur as the firebrand, expletive-spewing Nagma Khatoon, went on to become a sensation with films such as Massan, MumbaiTo which Pankaj adds, ldquo;Cinema has its own draw.In 2017, Todd Yellin, the product head of Netflix pitched an idea to the creators of Black Mirror. Indiarsquo;s streaming market is breaking new ground and platforms such as Netflix, Amazon mdash;Prime, Voot, Hotstar, Alt Balaji mdash; are growing thrice as fast as TV viewership in India. While announcing the line-up of shows for this year at the See Whatrsquo;s Next: Asia event, Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix, said, ldquo;We celebrate India today with an incredible line-up of original films and series that are right now filming across India

Is that the reason why not many superstars like sharing screen space with others?Them doing a cameo in that (referring to Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgnrsquo;s appearances in Soorvayanshi) it is not a film. I am glad the audience calls me that. But there is no guarantee of anything. I want to play different characters and I enjoyed doing all these films.Do you believe Hindi cinema has evolved today, with same- love stories, transgender roles and even Swara Bhasker playing a man?It has evolved, and so has the audience.How challenging is it for an actor like you, being tagged as a Khiladi, to drop that machoism onscreen and move out of the comfort zone?Earlier it was little bit next to impossible, but not now. I have not made a documentary film.Were there efforts to make Mission Mangal mainstream so that more people come and watch it?

Yes. I couldnt drop the image of being an action hero; I was Khiladi. There are times when I see a film and feel it will do wonders at the box office, but then it doesnt.Were you clear that you wanted Independence Day as the release date?This year ISRO will complete 50 years, and coincidentally our film is releasing on this date. When I had delivered 14-15 flop films, everyone would say lsquo;gaya, gayarsquo; (gone, gone) and then lsquo;aa gaya, aa gayarsquo; (he has arrived, he has arrived). We are experimenting.Is it because of insecurity?It must be due to insecurity, but I donrsquo;t know the actual reason behind it. From proving his mettle in action films to taking up socially relevant subjects, Akshay has come a long way. In Khakee my role is small; I die after the interval. I do all kinds of films. Have you never been conscious about that?

How many times you have been advised not to do these films or roles?I was advised a lot of times to not do certain kind of films. However, the clash between the two films is going to happen.Most stars are conscious of their image. We as an industry have started focusing on different kind of scripts. I fail to understand why they donrsquo;t do it. To me, it doesnt matter what the length of my role is, but if wholesale metalized Polyester film the script is great I happily do it. And now with his soon to release Mission Mangal, a film based on the real-life story of the Indian Space Research Organisationrsquo;s Mars Orbiter Mission, the actor promises to keep the cash register ringing as well. But I got to do romantic, comedy films and also do roles that had a lot of acting in it. I dont want to get stuck in one image. A lot of maturity has come in.

The lsquo;Khiladi of Bollywoodrsquo;, Akshay Kumar is no stranger to the box office success. There is one actor mdash; doing a two-hero project mdash; who told the producer that he wants a solo photo of himself released first, and then a photo with the other male co-star. Things are moving in the right direction and I think it will keep on moving this way. It is a scientific thing, like after day comes night and then again day and then again night. In many films, I have played a villains role, that doesnrsquo;t mean I am irresponsible. The best way is to keep working hard. Like when I made Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, I did add commercial elements to it to make it more appealing. I donrsquo;t understand why we dont see many two-hero films. Everybody is willing to take the risk. I believe 70 per cent in luck and 30 per cent is hard work. It is needed, but you do need luck and it does make a lot of difference. You have to take it in your stride, be bold and face the next day. I have made a commercial cinema where there is laughter, fun, emotions, and two-three songs. It is just a character that an actor is playing.

These things do not happen in Hollywood. We make 210 Hindi films and we only have 52 weeks in a year, so we are bound to have two or more films releasing on the same date. Do you think you have cracked the code to success, or therersquo;s still some level of fear that comes with each film?I have gone through the process of ups and downs three times now, so I wouldnt be surprised if I go through it again. You have to tell the audience but commercially.What do you think of the title lsquo;Guarantee Kumarrsquo;?The audience is very bold and they dont care. So you dont know. I was advised by a lot of big people in the industry to not do Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, and Padman, but I believe it is not right. I would rather request actors to do two or four hero films if you like the subject. We caught up with the actor about his ever-changing taste in films, how he shed his Khiladi image to enter new territory, and doing multi-hero films.

A complete package as an actor, be it an action film like Sabse Bada Khiladi, a comedy like Garam Masala, or a movie with a message like Padman or Toilet Ek Prem Katha mdash; Akshay can do anything. Do you see it as a good sign?It is always a good sign when two movies do not come at the same time.So do you think actors should be allowed to explore different characters? What about when you have a film like Kabir Singh, where the actor is bashed for doing the film?It is just the character that he is playing. Gulshan Grover is not an irresponsible person because he plays negative roles. If I believe a film can make a difference then I do it. You played a gay character in Dishoom, a transgender person in Laxmmi Bomb, and you are doing films where you are letting women lead. I am responsible.Actors are considered as role models. There is no film like Amar Akbar Anthony, where you have all the big stars together. How responsible are you as an actor?

Besides Mission Mangal, I also do films like Housefull at the same time. The thinking is not about a poster; it is all about lsquo;my solo poster should come firstrsquo;. After 30 years I have realised that films work not just due to hard work I have done a lot of two or three hero films, be it with Suniel Shetty or Saif Ali Khan.You have been giving back-to-back hits. I have also done roles where I do not have the heroine with me; it all doesnt matter to me. I was quite shocked to listen to this. It is good that it is averted.The clash between Sooryavanshi and Inshallah has been averted. It is part of life and this happens to everybody, be it in personal or professional life. With him bringing to light social causes through storytelling, making each of his films a success, the actor has earned the nickname lsquo;Guarantee Kumarrsquo; in the industry. I did Jaani Dushman with seven heroes

I didnrsquo;t know how to react.Paresh Pahuja, who played Azaan in Salman Khans Tiger Zinda Hai gets candid. When I read my part of Azaan Akbar, I wanted to do but still I had inhibitions. Although there was an excitement but I was seeking a lead role for my launch at the back of my mind. I also wanted a similar reaction. In a casual chat with Deccan Chronicle, Paresh Pahuja opens up his emotional journey, working with Salman Khan, his life post Tiger Zinda Hai and more. I went for the audition and it was good.Was it tough auditioning for YRF?The casting director Shanoo Sharma is a sweetheart. He started talking to me on a personal level thereon. Who knew that the actor who started with client servicing will end up debuting with a YRF film?

Paresh loves to play guitar and his charm landed him a pivotal role in Tiger Zinda Hai alongside megastar Salman Khan. He used to call us for meals on the sets. It was important for him to go so that he can drive others out. The other day, a woman with an infant in her arms sitting in a rickshaw stopped by and said she loved my role in the film. Back then, I was into client servicing in an ad agency and earning just 15 thousands rupees. I am someone who is very vocal about my dreams and plans but a lot of people think that I have air around me of being an actor with just one film in my kitty. I wanted to feel the madness be it whatever film.Sajjad Delafroozrsquo;s character Abu Usman was very well received, how was he on the sets?I and Sajjad were the only ones on the sets who were aloof and so much involved in our characters with headphones. After the scene got over, we saw the scene on the monitor and Salman sir saw me and said lsquo;ummmmm.rsquo;. The film so layered that many people fail to understand many things.

As he was Tiger, super senior to me and I was super junior in the film. She came to me and said that she liked my ad which I just did and she has something for me. Excerpts:How was the feeling of bagging a YRF film as your debut film?I never used the word struggling, I completely hate it. (Laughs)Paresh Pahuja, who played Azaan in Salman Khans Tiger Zinda Hai gets candid. I was in the first schedule with him in Abu Dhabi and first day with him was very warm.TZH also faced a small dose of criticism, your thoughts?I wholesale MPET film feel there are certain set of people who didnrsquo;t understand many things in the film. Charmie called me asked me to rehearse a scene from Sultan before our meeting. No matter how much you are confident, it was his aura that made me shy but that actually helped me while filming as Azaan. I used to secretly dream that I also want the same kind of response. It also depicted that people had accepted him for a long run. I donrsquo;t like to be negative even in my dreams. One day, Sajjad put off his headphones and told me that it was just beautiful to see me performing.

A small kid amongst them waved and screamed lsquo;Azaaaaaanrsquo;.How far your life has changed after TZH?Recently, I was coming back home from a friends place. I saw few kids in a car next to me on the road. After two months, I got a call and they told me that I was on board for TZH. In fact, so many had asked that towards the climax, why didnrsquo;t I go and you sent Abrar but Abrar was the one who had an ISC uniform. I feel this is my earning.So your debut happened as per your planning.I used to see Salman Khan films in single screen to feel the real fun with the audience.Paresh Pahuja, who played Azaan in Salman Khans Tiger Zinda Hai gets candid I called Ali sir and spoke to him. I always call it as my journey.How was it with Salman Khan on sets?I have grown up watching his films. Earlier, I used to stay in a small apartment and used to have a cheaper meal everyday.Mumbai: A Sindhi boy who hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Paresh Pahuja moved to Mumbai with the dream to dazzle on silver screen one day. Also, I wish to get a hand written letter from Amitabh Bachchan since now the film has released.

I specifically asked him that whether I will be getting an introduction in the credits or not. We took so much time to shoot but the film just finishes in a blink of an eye. Around a month later, I got a call from YRF that I have been short listed and they want to meet me for second round. I told Shanoo that I was slightly sceptical but she asked me to read the script. When I saw the film, I felt that things went off too fast on screen. Once I was sitting in Prithvi cafeacute; with my friends and jokingly I said that I will debut with a YRF film. I went and they asked me to enact the flag scene from TZH and asked me to sign a NDA.Paresh Pahuja, who played Azaan in Salman Khans Tiger Zinda Hai gets candid. He admired me and walked away. Ali confirmed me everything and I was overwhelmed. I read in a book, when Shah Rukh Khan made his debut on a bike in Deewana, thatrsquo;s when people started hooting in single screens. Around November 2016, one day I was playing a guitar on an open mike in a pub at Versova. I shot my first scene at the oil refinery where we enter and Paresh Rawal comes to check on us. The way I took his orders in the film was exactly I react to Salman Khan. I was blown away the way it written. She also told me that my assistant Charmie will call me the next day

Be it Karz or Sholay (which is the remake of the 1960 film Magnificent Seven)! It is the economic thrust of cinema that comes into play here. How is it possible? For example, you love a Mercedes and decide to build it but end up making a Maruti.Poster of The Italian JobDil Bole Hadippa: This YRF production was a copy of Amanda Bynesrsquo; hit romcom Shersquo;s The Man. Kramer, was a huge success and a cult-classic with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep as the leading pair.rdquo;Hollywood remakes which tanked at the box-officeAction Replayy: The Akshay Kumar-Aishwarya Rai starrer was a remake of the 1985 Oscar-winning film Back to the Future.

The makers need to be true to the story they want to tell the audience,rdquo; says Shashank. There are movies which enjoy an iconic status. When you are doing a wholesale PET film remake, therersquo;s a lot of interest generated.A still from Bruce AlmightyHum Tum: The romcom starring Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji was inspired by the Hollywood romcom, When Harry Met Sally. But people have seen a Mercedes and if you try to sell people the Maruti, they will not buy it. But you have to make it contemporary and also get in a local flavour without disturbing the film.Akele Hum Akele Tum: The original film, Kramer vs.God Tussi Great Ho was said to be a remake of Bruce AlmightyA higher modelTalking about why the remake formula doesnrsquo;t work here, director Vivek Agnihotri says, ldquo;It is because we look at a 100 million dollar Hollywood film and then want to copy it mdash; wanting to make a 2 million dollar film and expecting the same result.

ldquo;There are a few Hollywood remakes that have done extremely well in the past. However, this is not the first time that an Indian director has decided to remake a highly-revered Hollywood movie.With a string of remakes being announced one after the other, experts express their views on what it possibly takes to make or break a film remade in India.Remakes are one of the most tried and tested formulae that filmmakers attempt to deliver a successful movie, notwithstanding the fact that it brings along the baggage of expectation mdash; especially when the original is a big commercial and critical hit. Perhaps then, it is not surprising that Bengali actor Dev Adhikari was heavily trolled on social media, after it was announced that he would play the part of Leonardo DiCaprio in Raj Chakrabortyrsquo;s Bengali remake of the classic Hollywood movie, Titanic.Players: This 2012 movie was a remake of the epic heist film The Italian Job.A still from Kramer vs.

I think that if you just get the adaptation right, it will work well. In most cases, filmmakers fail to Indianise the concept of a foreign film, like it happened in the case of Bang Bang! (the remake of Knight and Day), Players (the remake of Italian Job), We are family (the remake of Stepmom) and Hum Tum (the remake of When Harry Met Sally). If you make it worse, no one will watch it,rdquo; he feels.He opines, ldquo;It may not be an official remake but they are all based on Western films. ldquo;If you make 100 films a year, 80 will fail and if we make 10 remakes a year, 8 of them fail mdash; it is the same ratio. It is an invaluable property and it makes sense to cash in on it, but one has to take it forward properly,rdquo; he says.At the same time, Vivek also feels that the director is not to blame for the success or failure of such a film.A still from the film Stepmom (1988), which was remade in Bollywood as We Are FamilyWe Are Family: The original film, Stepmom (1988), starred Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris and was received extremely well by the audience. If the film connects with people it will work. So it is not that only remakes fail, I donrsquo;t agree with the statement,rdquo; he states.

ldquo;Sometimes a remake works and sometimes it does not.God Tussi Great Ho: Even the presence of stars like Salman Khan, amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra couldnrsquo;t save this Bruce Almighty remake.Boney KapoorResonating Boneyrsquo;s thoughts, director Shashank Khaitan, who directed the film Badrinath Ki Dulhania, adds that if the story remains interesting after modifications, and the local audience is able to relate to it, the film will surely do well. KramerIn fact, Karan says that remakes do pretty well in India because lsquo;we literally remake everythingrsquo;. Filmmakers are also planning to remakes of other hit movies like The Fault In Our Stars, Red and Rambo. That is the problem!rdquo; he says. If tomorrow you decide to make Titanic, you have to ensure you make it better. ldquo;I donrsquo;t think the directorrsquo;s role should be pointed but the producerrsquo;s role should.

But with the low success rate of such films, one wonders what their fate will be.No right formulaHowever, director Karan Anshuman, who has helmed the highly successful web series Inside Edge, feels that any movie, no matter how new and creative, can fail at the box office and that remakes are no different.The iconic Titanic posterA dash of IndiaFilmmaker Boney Kapoor opines that all that is needed to make a successful remake of a hit Hollywood film is to make minimal changes and add local flavour.It is known that very few have been able to retain the charm of original movies in Indian celluloid. Itrsquo;s the usual trend of how some films work and some donrsquo;t and again, with remakes, it will be the same case.

The climax of the heart-wrenching movie was deemed as poetic as the entire plot, with the song Ae zindagi gale laga le as an ode to the philosophy of uncertainty in life. And so will Kaate nahi kat-te, an iconic sultry number which saw the actor romance an invisible man in a song revelling in a never-before-seen boldness and fantasy.She made her Bollywood debut as a child artiste in 1975 hit "Julie" but continued ruling the South Indian film industry where she established herself as a leading heroine with films such as "16 Vayathinile", "Sigappu Rojakkal", "Meendum Kokila" and "Moondram Pirai".An extremely shy person in real life, Sridevi came alive in front of the cameras, playing a variety of roles. Her name, most of the times, was a guarantee enough for a films success.

In 1987 came Shekhar Kapurs "Mr India", a film which was produced by herfuture husband Boney Kapoor. She was Miss Hawa Hawaaii and Chandni for them. She continued acting in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films but it was her career in Bollywood that made her a household name in the country.Filmmaker Yash Chopra cast her in the title role of "Chandni" in the 1989 film, another iconic film of her career.She also had a starring role in Tamil film "Puli" and followed "English Vinglish" with another successful outing in "Mom", which also featured Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna.She gained commercial success with the 1983 film "Himmatwala" opposite Jeetendra, which also established her as one of the best dancers in cinema.After "Judaai", Sridevi took a break from acting to focus on her marriage with Boney Kapoor. In Bollywood, she made her debut in 1978 as a lead actor in "Solva Sawan". She had two daughters -- Janhvi and Khushi -- with Kapoor.The actor made a successful comeback to cinema 15 years later with Gauri Shindes "English Vinglish", playing a housewife who learns English after feeling left out in her family.

The actors elder daughter Janhvi is on the cusp of her own cinematic journey with "Dhadak", a remake of the Marathi blockbuster "Sairat". Sridevi started acting at the age of four and made her debut with M A Thirumughams "Thunaivan" Unfortunately, Sridevi will not be there to witness it. Such was her performance in the film that fans came to recognise her with the name of Chandni. Sridevi gave a memorable performance as crime reporter Seema Sohni.Owing to the cult status the song went on to achieve, the Kavita Krishnamurthy number has been recreated a number of times China metallized film manufacturers in films such as "Shaitan" and most recently in Vidya Balans "Tumhari Sulu". Such was her popularity that her style and dance moves would be copied by her fans country over. She was one of the few female actors who left the audience spellbound with both her comic timing and sensuality.How her undercover scribe transformed into Ms Hawa Hawaaii, thanks to her dancing skills in one of the popular songs, is one of the most memorable scenes of the film.

Sridevi followed it up with a number of commercial hits such as "Mawaali", "Tohfa", "Masterji" and "Nazrana".Mumbai: In an industry dominated by male superstars, Sridevi reversed the trend by her sheer acting prowess.It did not do well at the box office at that time but has come to be known one the best films of Sridevi, Chopra and Anil Kapoors careers. The film was said to be ahead of its times as it dealt with a woman falling for an older man who is in love with her dead mother.The year 1983 also saw Sridevi give stellar performances in both critically acclaimed and box-office hits such as "Sadma", where she played the role of a woman who loses her memory.

She was grace-personified dressed as an apsara (a celestial beauty in Hindu mythology) performing on the hit track Nainon mein sapna.Her pairing with Anil Kapoor, her "Mr India" co-star and brother-in-law, was particularly successful and she would work with him again in "Laadla" and "Judaai".Impressed with her performance in the film, Chopra cast her again in "Lamhe" in a dual role, where she played the mother and the daughter.Both she and actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan played the roles in the Hindi remake of their 1982 Tamil movie, "Moondram Pirai".Her other major box office hits of the era were "Chaalbaaz", where she played the role of twins, "Nagina", and "Khuda Gawah" opposite Amitabh Bachchan


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